• Pricing and Quantities and Store Policy's We are not responsible for topographical error. We are working to get all pricing and quantities corrected . If you feel that a Price is incorrect please contact use Thank You A & Guns & Ammo,LLC There are no refunds, returns or exchanges on any firearm or ammunition purchased from our website, on-site location or gun-show booth. You must contact the gun manufacturer regarding any defects or issues with the gun. Contact information is provided in the enclosed user manuals. Each gun manufacturer will have their own specific warranty policies and will stand behind their products. Be certain to register your gun (if applicable) with the manufacturer and retain all paperwork for future reference. If you are denied at your local FFL Dealer or at our location as a result of a NICS (background check), please be advised that A&R Guns & Ammo LLC will not accept return of the firearm in most cases, Nor will the cost of purchase be refunded to you, accept in rare cases on a case by case basis. Then if approved a 25-50% restocking fee will apply at our discretion. This is extremely rare It is your responsibility to know if you can or cannot buy a firearm If you have any question on weather or not you can pass a NICS Background Check Please go to and read what could disqualify you from purchasing a firearm. Or call us. If you have further questions please call us before ordering All non firearms sales can be returned within 30 days with a valid receipt. In the absence of a receipt within the 30 day time frame, we will gladly process a refund via store credit only. No refunds will be issued beyond 30 days. All order cancellations prior to shipment will be subject to a 15% order cancellation charge. Orders cancelled once shipment has been made but prior to delivery will be subject to a 15% order cancellation fee and a 15% restocking fee. Order cancellations after product is delivered will not be processed but will be subject to our return policy. PLEASE READ Proceeding with this transaction constitutes acceptance of the above terms and polices